Beginner’s Tips For Live Casino Games

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As live dealer casino games are rapidly increasing in popularity, more and more newbies are entering the scene for the first time. This might sound a bit daunting, given that live games are indeed very different from traditional Random Number Generator (RNG) games.

It’s live, it’s real

First of all, for those who don’t know, a live online casino game is played in real time. The information presented to you is broadcast directly from a studio or casino. This means that everything that is seen on your screen is happening live, in real life. Essentially, a live online casino mimics a real world casino as much as possible.

Rhythm is everything

Some players who come from traditional online casinos to live dealer casinos find the pace slow. Patience is the key, and adjusting to the existing pace is something you will need to do as a new player. However, it works both ways. In casino games, you have all the time in the world to decide your next move. Making a decision in your game will need to be done within a certain time frame, so other players don’t get stuck waiting for you to make a decision. The vast majority of gamers, however, quickly learn the rhythm of a live game and fit in easily.

Know your internet limits

One of the factors of live casino games that is absolutely essential is knowing what your internet connection is capable of. Since a large amount of information is transferred, in real time, live casinos require a stable and fast internet connection. If you find that the connection is slowing, lagging, disrupting, or dropping, try lowering the live view quality. Most live casinos offer Full HD 1080p resolution, but this is not necessary at all. Lowering the resolution to 480p, will massively reduce the strain on your Internet connection, and still maintain good vision. However, all live casinos use powerful servers which are more than capable of broadcasting live connections to multiple players.

Can I have a seat?

Since live casinos require the dealer to interact directly with players, there is a limited number of seats available depending on the game chosen. In the case of blackjack, a table can only have 9 seats. It can be shocking to sit at the table, only when you realize that the minimum bet limit is higher than you thought. Each table clearly states what its betting limits are, so be sure to check them out before taking a seat. If you don’t know what the betting limits are, you can always ask the dealer through the chat system.

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